How To Cancel a Redbox Subscription

Redbox is the popular online DVD movie rental service.  More and more people like the idea of ordering DVDs online in order to watch at their own convenience.  The process is pretty simple.  You sign up for a subscription by registering a new account and inputting your credit card information.  When ordering, you can either rent DVDs and they will ship it out to you or you can download a digital copy on your computer.  If you went with the former, then once you finish viewing, you will be required to ship the DVDs back to them.  Now, all this is convenient but there will come a time when you will want to cut on your costs and cancel your subscription.  The cancellation procedure is quite simple and can be done with a few clicks of your mouse however, if you still have DVDs queued or rented, the procedure may become a little more complex.  That being said, here are some steps that you can do in order to truly cancel your subscription without any hassle later on.

Send the DVDs back.  The first step in the cancellation process will entail you returning all the DVDs you rented that are still in your possession.  Ship them back and wait for the confirmation from Redbox.  The confirmation should reach your email inbox within a week from return.  Make sure to keep these confirmation emails handy.  The reason for this is to ensure that when you cancel the subscription, you will not have liabilities with them anymore.  Hence, if they charge you for these DVDs, you can show them that they have already confirmed them being returned.

Empty your rental queue.  Before proceeding with the cancellation process proper, you will want to remove all the DVDs in your rental queue.  To do this, log on to the Redbox website and navigate to the rental queue.  Click on the “X” beside each DVD label to remove each on.  Clear the entire queue.  This will prevent Redbox from shipping you more DVDs prior to cancellation.

Cancel before your billing cutoff.  The best time for you to cancel your Redbox subscription is a week before your billing cut off for the month.  This will prevent Redbox from billing you for the succeeding month.

Follow the process.  To cancel the subscription, log on to your Redbox account and navigate to your account.  This page will have a link labeled “Cancel Membership”.  Click on the link and this will bring up a cancellation confirmation page.  There will be terms of cancellation on that page.  Read it and check the tick box provided stating that you understand all the terms of cancellation presented.  Clicking on continue will execute the cancellation.  At this point, Redbox will send you a confirmation via email.  Save this email as proof of the cancellation.

To ensure that the cancellation pushed through, check your succeeding credit card billing statement.  If the Redbox subscription charge is gone, then you have successfully cancelled it.  If the charges persist, then you are ready to do battle.  Send Redbox and your credit card company an email regarding this with all the supporting confirmations you saved.

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